Debt Investment Offer - 9% Annual Return

The Business Opportunity and Exit Strategy

Debt investment opportunity in the acquisition of a two-unit multi-family property, promising a robust 9% annual return. Situated in Brownwood, Texas, this investment stands at an attractive 6.5% below market value, a valuation substantiated by an existing appraiser’s report.

The property has undergone significant enhancements, including crucial infrastructure repairs and an extensive cosmetic renovation. Post-renovation, both units are leased to tenants, with monthly rental income serving dual purposes—contributing to investor profits and funding ongoing property maintenance.

This investment has a duration of up to 7 years, concluding with the return of the principal to the investor. The interest will be returned biannually or annually, at the discretion of the investor.

Financial Data

  • Amount of Debt Investment: $ 220,000
  • Property Appraised Value: $ 230,000
  • Renovation: After Renovation
  • Annual Return on Contractual Obligation: 9%
  • Project Duration: Up To 7 Years
  • Rent income: $ 2300/mo

Property features

  • Total Living Space: 1,408 sqft
  • Lot Area: 9,627 sqft
  • Number of Units: 2
  • Bedrooms: 1 per unit
  • Bathrooms: 1 per unit
  • Year of Construction: Preowned


Important Conditions

  • No need to establish a U.S. company
  • No U.S. tax reporting required
  • Optional to open a U.S. account
  • Loan agreement in Hebrew + promissory note in English (Note)
  • Information provided is general; for investment in a real estate project
  • managed by Hominvest LLC
  • Project investment offered to a limited number of any investors as per Securities Law (התשכ”ח–1968), not for public offering.